Vintage Onion Dome Lantern Style Chandelier in Antique Brass

Classically proportioned and beautiful in its simplicity this 4 lamp hanging lantern chandelier is an excellent choice for halls, higher ceiling rooms, and even the kitchen. The glass is textured and scatters light in an interesting manner. Lamps include faux wax candle covers that are hand-painted. This is a bespoke, hand crafted piece from The Pennsylvania Craftsman's Guild. Dimensions: 12. 75" x 12. 75" x 58. 75" (overall with chain) 12. 75" x 12. 75" x 22. 75" (lantern and canopy) 10. 425" x 10. 425" x 12" (lantern portion) 36-38" (chain Length with canopy cover)

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