The Old Church on Falls has been sitting, in its rather dignified, yet demure manner, here in Hampden on the corner of Falls Road & 37th (formerly 4th Avenue) for over 140 years. It's our mission to act as stewards to maintain this property for posterity.

The building itself is an example of Victorian Gothic Revival architecture sometimes referred to as "Muscular Gothic" or "Modern Gothic" due to the tendency to borrow elements from very Early-Gothic forms and being generally described as bold, broad, strong, stern, and robust. Our objective is to bring it back to its original splendor, with your help, via extensive research, careful restoration efforts, and a whole lot of elbow grease.

Plans big and small include restoration of the façade's quadruple lancet and rose windows, conservation of existing exterior wood architectural features, interior plaster stabilization and repair, extensive use of stenciling, as well as coming up with solutions to make the building more green and energy efficient.

Proceeds from events, sale of goods, and other means are allocated toward achieving our mission. We couldn't do this without the support of our clients and the wonderful people of Baltimore.

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